Sunday, March 27, 2016

Things you do if Patience is not your strong suit

We people at Bling station are highly hard working people and we work on deadlines as we have to maintain you with high fashion details on tips. But one thing we people can relate to is not having patience. Likewise we know some of you are habitat to these twelve things.

1. Jumping to conclusions is your favorite hobby
Since the whatsapp message didn’t go blue tick in next 10 seconds the other person is either dead or just doesn’t care. You don’t even wait if the company you applied for job takes more than 48 hours to reply. You simply take it as declined.
2. I want to know. Now.
Suspense movies gossip shows are not our best choices. You just simply can’t wait for three years to find out how did Sherlock killed Moriarty and saved himself. I mean you will make sure you are alerted about everything that is happening around you even the surprise birthday party your friends are throwing you.

3. You always have something or the other to say…
Same way keeping secrets is also one hell of a task. Somebody must always know all your secrets and things that happened. I mean to some extent impatient people make the best beau as they can’t keep a secret. You live by the words “Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead”.
4. But it can be a good thing!
Another perk here is once you know the plan you will work for it. You just can’t wait for things to let them take their own pace. For me once I know about any new jewelry fashion I have to incorporate it into my followers life through blog and articles.

5. The wait. Ugh.
Waiting is suicidal for us. We performed and we delivered we can’t wait to hear back. I mean the results are the thing that keeps us awake in night. We can’t just sit ducks and wait for the honks; we are the ones that poke the bear.

6. You need the whole story.
You just simply can’t speak with people who takes ages to set plot to spill the gossip. “Once upon a time” stories just don’t work for you. You get frustrated and simply ask for the whole story straight forward.

7. Follow-ups!
We keep the constant tab on people who have things to tell us. I mean we are not patient people we can’t wait for you to call us we will set reminders to email and call you to get the routine follow ups. We also make good sales agents, just saying…
8. Just grow back again, will you?
The relationship with your hair is even more complicated than Ross and Rachel. You want them short in summers and then can’t wait to grow like Rapunzel till winter. I mean Rome was not built in a day is a myth to us. 
9. I need to wear it NOW.
You have buy jewellery online and it is delivered. You are not going to wait for the proper occasion to wear that statement necklace. I mean its mine and I will wear it now.

10. You hate standing in lines.
One serious problem with us at most places and our brain sarcastically just speaks up, “Do those queues everywhere ever end???!!!
We can’t wait to hear from you that you want to buy jewelry online from our website.

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