Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bangles for the First Farewell Sari

Celebrities give us some fresh inspiration for the farewell party! Dressed in embroidered saris, along with that sexy embellished elbow-sleeve blouse, looking all elegant and sophisticated. The kind of look that we totally love! The twisted hair tucked into a bun, along with the gorgeous accessories especially bangles and that tiny bindi – almost the perfect look for any girl who wants to stand out!

A graceful pastel color sari is not just an unorthodox colored beauty, but it’s also one that is so unique that it is a smart pick from the ocean of saris available. Pick a one with border because the border running through the sari gives a hint of bijouterie that makes this rich and precious. Since the sari and the occasion doesn’t mean it is not your Barbie wedding so you need to go minimalist on the jewelry. Hence we settled on studs and bangles for the quota of accessories.

Here are some super girly perfect for pastel colors bangles…

1. Stacking up for some chime

This one is just perfect for the falling drape sari style. It not just gives you a modern girl look but also add the bangle chimes whenever you raise your hand for that best dressed trophy. Remember to pick red studs or golden hoops with them.

2. Blue does it all

You don’t have to nod sheepishly if you come under the category that picks blue instead of pink for the big days. Trust me you are not the only one else Bling Station the fashion Hub of accessories wouldn’t have created such beautiful blue bangle design. It goes great with proper plated drapes and of course that charming smile of yours. Besides you can also check other colors in metal bangles online on Bling station website at their bangles online store.

3. Swoon in Desi Silver

Let’s just agree that farewell does bring all lot of emotions and many of us want to share this epic moment in draping ourselves with our mother’s timeless sari. Kudos to all the ladies who just dived into the bucket of emotions. Don’t sweat over the fashion police because this ethnic bangle will not just save you but also give the savvy look you wanted in all those forever screen saver pictures. Besides you can always tell your friends about the great idea of adding the modern girly touch to your mother’s favorite sari.

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