Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Since its inception bangles became a necessity than ornament. They were used for knowledge of advancement of human understanding and today they are more about art and beauty. While the humans were still dependent on nature they were formed with flowers and other natural stuff and today we have a whole wide range of Indian fashion bangles online store and offline stores. The system of hierarchy was also evident from the possessions and wealth and bangle was one ornament that worked most for it. Early excavation finds of figurines of dolls and Murals and sculptures, God- Goddess wearing bangles around wrist show that bangles spread across Indian continent from 200 B.C. to 1500 A.D. display an array of ornaments with its cultural significance and roots.

Each design and material used to create ornament represents social status and wealth among its people. While the rich and powerful commanded the settlement, they also possessed and commissioned artistically made and unique ornaments. Trade between Mongolians, Romans, Persians and Indian subcontinent allowed the exchange of ornaments, raw materials and techniques available from far lands and thus further enriched the already growing adoration. Today Bangles are the most favorite ornament chosen by women and hence it made the e-commerce market bloomed with its sales. BLING STATION is one the most trusted online fashion jewelry hub for shopping. They are the latest trending Indian fashion bangles online store in India. So unlike the ancient times all you have to do today is surf and buy at the luxury of your home.


We were not kissing when we said that in modern times bangles can be formed out of anything. You wrap a thread put on beads and there is your cool new bangle avatar.

Since the glass bangles were not so durable and let’s agree were hurting us more than helping us. They got transformed to metal Bangles. You can check out this design at Bling Station fashion bangles online store collection.

Welcome to the new favorite of BOHO world. These beaded bangles are selling like hot cakes. As they represent the correct combination of today’s modern day woman. They are strong and feminine and a little edgy in everything they do.

We didn’t forget the classics we just don’t believe in stacking them. So creating a single bangle with the ethnic Indian design was the best idea ever.

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