Saturday, March 19, 2016

Soak the precious moments in life ladies (YOLO)

Every day is a gift from the universe. There is so much to be grateful for and it is important to count your blessings. There are certain moments in every woman’s life which are worth cherishing. The kind that’s helped shapes her into becoming the woman she is today. Hats off to all of you! Here are 6 things you should cherish in life.

1. When your work is appreciated at office

Hard work always pays off in the long run. While you may not notice it, your colleagues certainly do. Every compliment that comes your way, take it with pride and constantly strive to do better. You are blessed with so much talent and skill – put it to good use, we say!

2. When you ace that eyeliner like a boss!

One of life’s biggest challenges is mastering the art of applying that winged eyeliner! If you nailed it on your first try, then that’s something worth feeling proud of. Good job!

3. When someone tells you that you’ve inspired them

There’s no greater joy than leaving a positive imprint on someone’s life. Influencing them positively in even the smallest way possible will make them remember you for a lifetime. You’ve not only changed them as a person, but have also added meaning to their life. You deserve a pat on your back!

4. When you get the latest fabric bag online at a discount…

You had your eyes set on the latest trendy women fabric bags online sale at Bling Station. When the tab hits the open season on the website you didn’t waste a moment and grabbed that amazing purple Jhola bag from designer women fabric bags online collection.

5. When your cooking skills become as good as mom (or even better!)

There were days when your rotis looked like the map of India! But with practice, patience and love, you’ve finally learnt how to master the art of making perfectly round and delicious ones. Your mom is going to be so proud of you!

6. When you finally accept yourself for whom you really are!

No one is perfect, and it’s about time the world acknowledged that fact. It might be difficult to come to terms with who you are at times, but once you do, there’s nothing like it. The more you get to know yourself, the more self-sufficient you will be as a person. Rock on!

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