Monday, March 7, 2016

Ethnic Woman’s Day : STYLE GUIDE

Ladies and my dear ladies… since it is no surprise that woman’s day is approaching and you would be given your long due respect. But why stop there isn’t mother India also a woman. So why not respect her too this 8th of March. Let’s pick among the ethnic jewelry we can wear on this day. We have got 5 options for you who can be easily indulged into whatever you have planned or anyway wear on your daily basis. So it won’t restrict your options with the accessory on some occasion. Without much ado here is our list :-

An elegant piece of pendant

An elegant piece of pendant-Ethnic Woman's Day-Online Shopping Store India-NP_PE000103_MTL_large3

If you are not really high on jewelry and want to keep it a low notch in your appearance then a pendant will go long way down the road. Indeed this design is chick and ever green. Pair it with your iconic tees or just the kurti you love the most. It blends with all. You can buy this an Bling Station an online fashion jewelry hub.

Something Statement

Something Statement-Rings-Ring-Ethnic Woman's Day-Online Shopping Store India-NP_RN000248_MTL_large3

So if you are one of the high heads who like to make an entry and knows how to handle attention then this ultra modern mix ethnic ring won’t let you down. It is a statement ring online from Bling Station’s designer rings online collection. And yes it is out to make a statement. 

Sober Brace

Sober Brace-Bracelet-Bracelets-Ethnic Woman's Day-Online Shopping Store India-NP_BR_000078_MTL

Like the modern India if sober yet stern is your style then this turquoise mix Red Indian bracelet is your pick. It goes best with white and bright colors. As the base is made of silver it also suits to not so girlish girl kind (tomboy). C’mon ladies it is woman’s day embrace the feminine in you in style. 

For the BOSS

For the BOSS-Necklace-India-Ethnic Woman's Day-Online Shopping Store India-NP_NK000315_MTL

For the ladies who quote Beyonce “I am not Bossy, I am the Boss”. This ethnic cultural necklace is enough to throw that attitude around when you enter the room. It is also reflecting of your bold courageous nature which let’s be honest not everyone can pull off. It suits perfectly with your sexy neckline dresses. 

Woman’s day for everyone

Woman’s day for everyone-Ethnic Woman's Day-Online Shopping Store India

Whether it is your granny or your spinster aunty, woman’s day is for everyone. Payal is one age old ornament being liked by every single one of them. So gift it to the precious lady in your life and pay your over due respect.

Happy lady happy life…

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