Saturday, March 5, 2016

10 Sarcastic Replies Every fashion freak Girl owns

Well there are haters everywhere in this cold hearted world for the girls who live and breathe fashion. But you go girl we got you covered with the best sarcastic punch lines you can give out to them and own the situation like a boss. Let’s get started with the swag…

1. When someone tells you that buying all these shoes won’t get you any satisfaction or happiness.

2. And the times when Bitch mode not so tom boy girls tell you that they can never relate to you. Or like half of the world doesn’t care how you look.

3. This one got your bases covered when next time people pester you with what fashion is all about. Why is your head buried in some magazine all the time?

4. The moment you enter a place where people decide that color combination in their outfits is a myth and they actually end up wearing lemon yellow and neon orange together.

5. You have run out of patience with the friends and cousins who try to give you fashion advice that even a five year old can pull off.

6. Your frustration anger all those emotions go beyond North Pole when your mother ends up giving your favorite boots to your cousin as a loan for a party. I mean that girl thinks Channel is just a lipstick brand.

7. Your attitude towards fashion and your obsession towards your collection often make you appear like a bitch snob. Don’t get dishearten for knowing the difference between purple and mauve. You can simply say to them

8. Since you have known Louis Vitton new collection by heart. You can’t wait to max out your credit card the moment it hit the stores. You make calls to your girl gang as soon as you hear the news NEW COLLECTION.

9. You also have a geek group who bitch about you all the time but end up taking advice from you about their first date dress. No need to be polite with them anymore. There is no beauty like honesty in this world.

10. Finally last but not the least the most annoying of all sentences “Where do you keep all this stuff? Are you a shopaholic? Don’t’ you should get some therapy as you think fashion has become your best friend by age?
Firstly tell them that shopping is cheaper than sessions and secondly

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