Sunday, March 13, 2016

5 Not So Common Collections

What is the one thing that almost every girl wants in her closet? You’ve guessed it – it’s something that makes her stand different in the competition of wardrobe collection! Come summer or winter, we find ourselves never getting enough of our unending hunt for the same… This desire to obtain a versatile piece of fashion can be done as we provide a solution to all your dilemmas. These are super comfy and obviously always trendy products that can make you go from Nay to Yay….

1. Play with Prints

Playing with layers and different prints is every fashionista’s secret to setting trends. Designers do exactly that and a completely fit blazer with some rock solid prints under a plain shirt and pants/shorts/skirt is the best fashion advice of today.

2. Cool casuals

If you’re wearing a loose over-sized top, wearing pants might make your look a little too boxy. Leggings are perfect if you’re wearing a loose top as they balance out the outfit really well. That’s for the outfit advice. Now you have to find that weird thing you are obsessed with and turn it into an over-sized sweatshirt or a top. It is enthralling within celebrities and you have to try it too. I spy a Mickey/Minnie lover.

3. Play with sparkle

Heels come in a variety of different and delicious colors, so why just stick to black? Go for vibrant sparkles that work so well with the hidden party animal inside you. Besides every girl wants something shiny so why not put some sparkles right on your first foot…I mean it literally. Ain’t nobody got time for a dull day, right?

4. Be Eco-Friendly Fashionista 

If you believe that you need to leave the world as a better place than how you found it then you need to pay attention. Jute products are not just into fashion but are also making a mark in Eco-friendly world. You can easily buy Jute clutch online. Websites like BLING STATION have designer jute clutches online store collection which will blow your mind away with awesomeness.

5. Add a burst of *pop*

A sure-shot way to grab attention and not look too bland is by wearing poppy nail paints or adding a neon touch to at least one nail that makes all the difference. A good manicure when teams with a striped top and keeps the look interesting in the whole day to day scenario.

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