Friday, March 4, 2016

Stunning Designer Anklets : Fashion Jewellery Style Hacks

Who wouldn’t love to look like a superstar every day…especially if we spend a lot of our weekend time in those beauty parlors? So if you are obsessed with pedicures and your nails are never have chipped nail paint on the toes then you got to take a look at these stunning designer anklets collections. They promise to leave us enamored and looking like divas too!

1. The Classic Indian Pazeb

The Classic Indian Pazze-beaded anklets store India Online Shopping

Lots of Ghungroos and the soothing touch of silver is the classic pattern of anklets that never left Vogue. They are generally the first choice while you are going for a traditional Indian outfit. They are worn on both feet so remember to buy a pair of them.

2. The Cute Subtle Style

The Cute Subtle Style-beaded anklets store India Online Shopping-High-Quality-Simple-Style-font-b-Butterfly-b-font-Star-Shape-font-b-Gold-b-font

If minimalist fashion is your thing and you don’t believe going over the top with jewelry then this single thread anklet is your thing. It is easily available in market and is selling like hot cakes. This one goes with literally all your outfits’ irrelevance of the colors and style. Pick it on your next shopping hunt.

3. Beaded Anklets

beaded anklets store India Online Shopping-VC_AK000071_GLD_large3

The charms and beads are the George Clooney of Anklets. They are sort of hard to find in markets. Best suggestion is to look for beaded anklets online. BLING STATION is one of the best beaded anklets store online in India. If you are of the people who like to keep it at the edge then this is your pick for the day.

4. The Full Cover All

The Full Cover All-beaded anklets store India Online Shopping

If you are going to some big fancy event and that gives you the opportunity to flaunt those sexy French pedicures then you are bound to invest into one of these. They work great with party outfits especially on one piece. So if you are going to splurge this month on jewelry then I suggest it better be this one. Don’t forget to try few pieces before buying one. As these anklets are all about the fit and the color that goes with your tan.

5. Sleek and Stylish

The Sleek and Stylish-beaded anklets store India Online Shopping

So these might not to be totally new in market buy the versions of these one toe attached anklets are ravishing to sore eyes. You can pick from a large range. It all depends upon the footwear you are going to wear. Try to pick a belly or a peep toe if you want to bring the full effect of the anklet. They also work best for beaches.


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