Thursday, March 10, 2016

Clutches Ruling over BAGS

Small is the big thing in handbag fashion, as clutches, cross-body bags and shrunken versions of full-size styles replace large, heavy totes. Women accustomed to carrying around everything they could possibly need—an umbrella, a change of shoes, a bottle of water—are downsizing to a bag that holds just the essentials: a cell phone, keys, an ID and a credit or debit card and a lipstick. To make the small purse work, women have relegated some items, including her phone charger, to her car.


"The bigger the bag, the more you are tempted to shove in there"."An arsenal of 10 lip glosses at a time—why?"

If you have a smaller bag like a clutch in hindsight "You can find what you need right away, you don't have to dig for it."

The shrinking of bags, however, can only go so far. "I would never make a bag that wouldn't fit a phone," a tech-savvy designer who has helped ushers in the Clutch trend with her cross-body styles. She said her new bags are big enough to fit a Samsung Galaxy, which is slightly larger than an iPhone.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, for which Dr. Erickson is a spokeswoman, backpacks shouldn't exceed 10% of a person's body weight. Handbags, which are carried on a single shoulder, shouldn't exceed 5%, Dr. Erickson said.

Besides the fact that bigger handbags are expensive the small clutches not only fit your budget but also give you a very elegant look.

On average, women own more than eight handbags and buy two new ones a year. The new smaller bags are designed to fit easily into a woman's handbag wardrobe, with different styles for different needs—tempting women to buy more than one.

The size of a bag reflects a woman's state of mind. A "big bag day" is when "everything's gone in just because you are in a hurry and you can sort it out later". A small bag "is a badge of being organized."

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