Monday, March 21, 2016

The Addiction of American Serials…

If the mere thought of getting comfy in your duvet and watching your favorite TV Show gets you super excited, then we totally hear you missy! There’s no shame in loving fictional characters more than real people. We people at Bling Station can’t get over few of them ourselves and while I noticed the stigma signs in cafeteria break it also became the blog topic of Bling Station usual fun finder facts. Here are some telltale signs that you are as addicted as us…

1. Some people are addicting to shopping, some to alcohol, some to smoking….

This is your vice – and the world better deal with it. I mean you could be addicted to so much worse that eats away your money and health but I say it is a very healthy addiction.

2. Only you know the happiness your heart feels when you watch a new show and start to love it.

Life is beautiful, really. For those who haven’t watched few all time favorites of American Series need to Google “FRIENDS”. And when you get obsessed with Phoebe’s beaded bracelets you need to rush back to Bling Station to get them.

3. The hustle to get the latest episodes as they release them is real.

And you’ve never worked so hard for anything in your whole damn life! You just can’t wait to see the clock strikes the damn time. While you want to kill the time waiting for it Check out Bling station latest addition to rings online section.

4. You get super stoked when Netflix adds your favorite Series

Like, it was about time. Don’t you think?

5. To you Netflix and Chill is a very literal thing.

And no canoodling was ever involved. I mean while watching pretty little liars all you want is for the world to just shut up. You want to concentrate at Hanna’s accessories collection. And then just buy bangles online of the same kind at Bling Station.

6. That weird way in which time just flies when you’re watching a TV show.

What? I’m already on Season 3? HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?! I mean I swear I promised myself to watch one episode per day. But well the old habits die hard right?

7. You don’t experience FOMO when people talk about clubbing or partying.

But if anyone talks about a TV show that you haven’t watched…. You make it your next mission to know all about that series. I mean if its group discussion enabled then it is got to be watchable.

8. You dream about getting home from college/work just so you can watch your favorite shows.

Why is time not passing? Why aren’t we allowed to watch at least one episode as relaxing technique in office? I mean it should be a law already right? Let it be I will watch it on my phone on my way back home.

9. Apparently people do this when they don’t have other plans.

But to you, this is the plan! My parents said I should have a hobby, well this is it.

10. That awful moment when the show is over and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Cast Interviews are your only option. Also the Cliffhangers at every end of the season makes me wonder what to do in the next few months.

That even more awful moment when a show takes a year to make a new season.

Valar Morghulis – all men must die (from waiting). Besides I think offices should provide bereavement leaves for the death of favorite characters on TV shows. Still not over you Dear John Snow…

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