Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time at Healing : Life Lesson

Jewelry for women has been categorized in many sections but this short poem describes how jewelry not only helps to heal an aching heart but it also gives the empowerment to deal with the pain. So, you all lovely ladies throw out your wet wipes because next time you have heartbreak you will buy more than just tissues and a bucket of ice cream.

Time at Healing

If the heart really broke every time it fell in love, the world will offer you confetti on your path.

But hearts don't break; they bruise and develop a new layer and start from start

It is not a tragedy it is an emergency, send out a SOS to the world to give us what we love the most.                                                                     
Besides the usual love and care we need something to boast

You can call the jewelers and tell them to make me something that blings the highest shine.                                                                                   
As I am having a fantastic healing time

Nobody can save you from the pain it is inevitable but suffering that is optional so don’t fall into the clutch of despair.                                                                                         
There is nothing called like the perfect despair but you can have the perfect pair of earrings to stop listening to those voices of past and concentrate on the beauty of future with those pair

Strangle yourself with the designer necklace, cut those ankles with some fancy anklets jingles.

Don’t kill yourself with the hatred you are meant to rise like air away from those mingles

There on the sad with your fierce tears nobody can hear out your screams it just echoes back like the ripple I the stream.                                                                                                                    
Shackle your wrists with some bangles shine and step out in the open so the people could see the beauty even in your shrillest screams

Deception is an art owned by woman, you don’t need to shy away from it, and you might be hurting from every inch but like the stilettos be powerful and conceal that pain.                                                                                    

Life may give you blues but can always order scarlet jewelry, Fashion is not about utility it is about expressing the individuality don’t be the weaker one just don’t don’t don’t.

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