Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keyring Quota - Flash it with Attitude

Well majority of Indians are still old school. We still believe in keys and we have a key for everything. Literally everything from doors till wardrobe and to the extreme extents of personal diaries we have a key for everything leading it to a bunch of holes. Eventually this huge cluster of keys are lost in some hidden black hole every once in a while leaving us frustrated and irritated. There is no full proof solution to your nasty habit of losing stuff but I have got a simple trick which will help you remember to keep your keys safe from now on.

Put a keyring around your keys. I know it sounds stupid but here is the fun part. You shouldn’t just pick and put about anything you find on a street shop. You need to wrap your keys around something that has a meaning to you. Here are five types of keyrings you could use so that losing them is not an option for you anymore.

1.  Add some sarcastic Humor and flash it with attitude
Those quirky quotes keyrings are so much in fashion. You can get a customized one for yourself or for that dull friend of yours who keeps losing his/her keys. Make it funny so that it becomes a part of your aroma.

Add some sarcastic Humor and flash it with attitude-lost_keys_basic_round_button_key_ring

2.  Make it an Accessory
Here is a cool key keeper the sports world invented. Now you can keep your locker car and room keys in your sweatband. Now isn’t that cool?

Make it an Accessory Keyrings Online Store Shopping India

 3.  Pick that favorite Movie
You know the ones you have watched 100 times over, which is your comfort movie after a break up. Or it could be your favorite’s song line or a dialogue. The world is your oyster.

Pick that favorite movie keyrings Online Shopping india

4.  Map it up
Your home town, your dream destination, your holiday place, your favorite town anything even a photograph that has a special meaning to you will make you hold on to those keys like your life depends upon it. Told you it is just a trick but it could really turn out to be a blessing if followed.

Map it up-Golden-Eiffel-Tower-Design-Bling-Crystals-Rhinestone-Women-Handbag-Purse-Charm-Key-Chain-Keyring-Holder

5.  Zodiac Signs
It is for the fate believers and also a tricky way to pick up a date. When you see a scorpion keyring with someone you know what your conversation starter would be. So what are you waiting for now?

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