Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ten Things you will relate to if you are a "Fashion Jewelry Online Shopping Maniac"

Have you watched Confessions of a Shopaholic? Yes, the real versions of them exist too. They are everywhere on the e-commerce websites. Not necessarily rich, but extremely good at carting their desired products who make it their life’s mission to avail every bumper discount offer.
Here are a few things you’ll totally relate to if you are one of those…

1. You cannot comprehend any outfit without a matching accessory :

You have to have matching fashion jewelry to go with every outfit. Hence you are always updated with all the designer fashion jewelry online in India.
2. You cannot stop screaming in your head when you see “FRESH ARRIVAL” on websites :

You are a pro at latest fashion jewelry online shopping. You are always lingering around amazing websites like BLING STATION.
3. Your wish list stuff going out of stock is a nightmare to you :

You cannot handle such trauma; hence you mostly shop on pocket friendly websites like Bling Station.
4. It annoys you when somebody complains about all the boxes you collect from the online shopping :

You always end up fighting with space issue with your parents or roommate. But it never once occurred to your mind to shop a little less as what breathing is to everyone online fashion jewelry shopping is to you.

5. Half your Internet data plan is used up because of NON-STOP jewelry surfing :

Your obsession usually makes you spend most of the time on your smart phone or laptop. Whenever somebody tries to have a heart to heart talk to you, you say something stupid and end it up.
6. You are absolutely disgusted by the drama and fights over last piece left in the shop if someone drags you to the mall :

You have forgotten how it works anymore- Walking from shop to shop, trying all the outfits, wasting good energy. You have a judgmental look towards everyone who still believes in them.
7. You feel awkward when you are all fashionable and jeweled up and someone is wearing just a trinket :

You never feel way too much dressed up; it is always the other way round.
8. You fall in love with your phone and can’t stop kissing the screen during Bumper SALE :

9.You have a mini heart attack when you hear someone say they have never tried Online Shopping :

10. You have secretly wished it a 1000 times for somebody to make Online Shopper a job profile :

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