Monday, February 8, 2016

Signature Accessory - Know Your Jewellery

Bollywood movies have given us a lot of things. They gave us the undying hope of finding romance on vacation trips, songs for every and I mean every situation, courage at some points and of course some evergreen dialogues. Most of all Bollywood movies gave us fashion trends of outfits and accessories. From Salman Khan to Madhuri Dixit we grew up watching them wear a signature accessory and that’s when Indian youth became obsessed with them. So if you are of them who the woman who wants to own something as chick as Madhuri but are confused what will fit into your everyday routine we have got five different accessories for you to pick from. 

1. Cosmo Bead Earrings : If you swing on both the world of western and Indian then this is a good choice for you. Beads play perfectly well for both groups and picking out a Cosmo design in those can be your signature accessory which you have been looking for.

2. Metal Bangles Set : Bangles are the friends of feminine outfit world. If you are the resident of long skirts, maxi gowns and ethnical wardrobe world then you have found the perfect stylish and elegant signature accessory.

3. Oxidized Rings : Anything and everything and everyone are fit for this item. If you like to wear accessory, if you are more on the subtle side whether you wear Indian or casual or anything at all “Oxidized Ring” is the perfect signature accessory. It is subtle and it shows too little do-over but fits perfectly into the daily wear list.

4. Cuffs : Cuffs are the front line accessory item. They are like a wedded bride which are new to the house but are meant to stay forever. They almost go with anything if chosen correctly by the color schematics of the outfits. If you are more on the bright curve you should opt for something golden while silver sides more with earth colors.

5. Classic Necklace with Pendant : New is silver but old is gold. As is the case with pendants they are meant to be an all favorite for a signature accessory. So if you don’t want to get into all the hustle and bustle of matching your outfits with your signature accessory this is your ultimate option.

We hope you have decided upon your next shopping item by now.

PS- these amazing pictures are from Bling Station. It is an online shopping hub for designer cuffs online in India, latest cuffs online in India and other accessories. 

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