Monday, February 8, 2016

Five Things You will Relate to if You have a Weakness For Handbags

Modern age’s fastest growing baby is the Fashion Industry. It has touched all parts of the world and it brings out latest trends four times a year. Handbags are the most desired and useful product of fashion industry. It has also turned into passion for some women. Its addiction is funny and tempting for all the good reasons. Five things every person who believes in latest women bags online shopping goes through.

1.  When someone gifts you a handbag on a festive occasion or on your birthday. You can’t help but dance out the celebration. The happiness is clear on your face and the gift automatically becomes one of your treasured objects.

2.  The moment you realize that the bag you had your eyes on from months is on BUMPER SALE. Your laptop or Smartphone feels like heaven and your fingers swipe faster than ever. Shopping tip: To buy Designer Women Bags Online in India always on mind boggling price browse onto BLING STATION.

3.  No woman ever said that she has enough handbags and no man believes that you need to buy more than one. This one goes out for all the men who are tired of hearing I need some extra budget for that precious bag I have my eyes on. We understand you too and your credit card bills.

4.  There is no bigger pain than being deceived during the online transaction. What appears like Hritik Roshan on screen can turn out to be Neil Nitin Mukesh in reality. And things get beyond tolerance when the customer care executive tells you they have no return policy on that product you are like 

PS- Protect yourself from such pain and shop only on reliable websites like BLING STATION. They deliver what they promise and have easy return and exchange policy.

5.  Three golden rules with woman: Never ask her, her actual age, never tell her to be quick when she change and never ever ever ask her if you can borrow her expensive designer handbag for a night. You will never be pleased with the answer. A woman can share her bedroom but not her precious accessories because well they are dearest to them. 

No need to feel guilty after this reality checks all the ladies because men have their own binge areas. Love your handbags and stay the same. Happy shopping!!!  

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