Friday, December 4, 2015

Tips on How to choose that Perfect Clutch Bag and How to carry it ?

There are plenty of reasons to carry a clutch. First of all, they are kind to your neck and shoulders. They look modern and chic. Because they are practical yet stylish, they force you to carry only those things that are very important. I know how I just dump anything and everything when I am carrying my over sized tote and handbag.

Finding that perfect clutch can be a task at times. Many a times, I find these really pretty clutches that are not so practical and these over sized ones in the ugliest of designs. A clutch should be smart, hold your stuff and since clutch bags as the name suggests are meant to be clutched, should be comfortable enough to carry.

If you are a working woman or a homemaker who’s always on the run, then shopping on the clutches online stores is what you should do. When you are shopping for clutches online, you will find endless options. beaded clutches that are so in right now can either work as a great party accessory or as a day clutch, depends on the kind of beads and the quantity of beads used on it. Also, with people becoming more concerned about the environment and are all in for using environmental friendly products, jute clutches are something that are gaining a lot of popularity.

If you are petite, go for small or medium sized clutches. Over sized clutches will only make you look smaller. If you are slightly on the heavier side, opt for huge clutches. Selecting the right size according to your body is the first and the most important tip! When you’re out shopping for one, keep in mind to select the right size for your stuff. Throwing anything and everything will make it look bulgy and can damage it too. Buy clutches according to the things you want to keep in it. If you have a lot of those little things, you feel naked without, buy clutches that have multiple pockets.
Do not try to go matchy matchy. Matching the color of the clutch to your outfit can make it look over the top. However, matching them to your footwear is a great idea! When wearing tunics in bold colors and patterns, carry clutches in versatile colors. If your ensemble is simple and not too busy, mix it up with an animal printed clutch or something in neon.

Hope these tips help when you are out shopping for that perfect clutch.

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