Sunday, December 27, 2015

3 Fashion Rules That You should have Broken in 2015

Times have changed. When it comes to fashion, I would say, times have changed for good. Those fashion guides that tell you that you can wear and what is cannot, ignore. Pharrell Williams rightly quotes fashion. He says “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.” Do you what the high street style fashionistas have in common? They do not simply go through style blogs and replicate them. They instead bring their own flavor. They have the tendency to look a little ‘less done’ anywhere they go. When girls are sporting their high heels, you would see them sporting their causal sneakers under a sequenced shimmery tulle skirt. So are you about being up and edgy? Did you break these fashion rules in 2015?

     1. Wore Black and Navy together?

Black and navy are two dark shades and never wear both of them together, they say. But now they have emerged as the one of the chicest combinations. Imagine a navy silk blouse with a well- fitted blazer or a blue shift dress with classic pumps. These two colors when worn together create a refined look and exude a mature aura.

      2. Petite girls wore midis?

Petite girls cannot rock palazzos and midi skirts. Well *news flash* they can. Most of the people have this notion that these flowy below the knee skirts would make them as if they are drowning in them. But when they pick the right top to go with it and accessorize it right, they can rock it like any other girl. Like wearing a matching crop top with their midi and by opting for a belt can make their torso long.

3. Mixed metals in jewelry?

Did you wear gold jewelry top to bottom or did you try to match your silver bracelet with your silver earrings? 2015 saw this mixing metal trend and is one trend that everyone must try. If you are just dipping your toes in this, then you can take baby steps by finding a jewelry piece that has both silver and gold. If you however are on the intermediate level then you can try stacking rings in different metals or by wearing multiple bangles. You can shop on metal bangles online store like BlingStation. It has the most extensive collection of metal bangles online.

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