Friday, April 1, 2016

10 things every Strong Woman does…

Bling station believes in the power of woman and we are not afraid to bow down to powerful woman too. We totally believe in breaking patriarchy stereotypes and have successfully able to identify the ten traits of a strong woman. They are sassy and perky, they know they can be totally chick and yet take the world all by themselves without asking for a white knight. So all those women who follow these rules are the living example of strong society we are heading towards. You go girl…  

1. She Dresses Up For Herself
Not for the boyfriend or the girlfriends. She wears what she likes, with elan. And she doesn’t succumb to “what’s in, what’s out”. It’s completely her choice to show some skin (or not).

2. She Doesn’t Mind Buying Her Own Ring
Of course, she loves it when her man buys her one, but she has no qualms spending her money to treat herself to some drool-worthy jewellery once in a while. And when it comes to Bling Station collection of designer rings we just can’t stop ourselves can we? 

3. She Can Stand Up For Herself
That’s just as simple as it sounds. She just does not take nonsense – from anyone!
4. She Knows Her Mind
Of course, she’s known to dither over which pair of earrings to buy at bling station (so she ends up buying both), but on important issues, she knows where she stands. She knows she is buying them at best ecommerce website that have the best prices of fashion accessories.
5. She Has An Opinion And Isn’t Afraid To Voice It
Being aware of the world that surrounds you and having an opinion about the supposed rights and wrongs of its ways is not only sexy, it’s also a necessity.
6. She Doesn’t Need Protecting
She sometimes thinks it t would be nice to have a guy with his arm around her in a crowded place, but that doesn’t mean she needs it. A strong woman knows how to look after herself, no matter what the situation.

7. She Knows How To Hold Her Alcohol
Tripping over and “trying” to walk is for amateurs! One of the most appealing qualities of a strong, sexy woman is her ability to hold her drinks – and knowing when to stop.

8. She Knows How To Handle Her Money
Of course, chartered accountants exist for a reason, but, she’s fully aware of what she wants to do with her money, where she wants to spend, and how she wants to save. We know when Bling Station opens its discount panel and that’s when we buy beaded jewelry online for ourselves. World, I’m ready for you!
9. She’s a Pro At Multi-Tasking
Let’s face it – no matter how hard men try, there are just not equipped to master the balancing act like we can. We, on the other hand, can and do look after our personal AND professional lives with the precision of a pro!
10. She’s Got A Sense Of Humour About Life

She is a woman who is willing to see the funny side of things! And a woman who has a funny bone is always fantastic company!

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